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Installation DC Inverter air-water heat pump

Our engineers, with extensive experience in extreme low temperature conditions, have played an important role in our success over the past 10 years. Today, our product line maintains the highest levels of quality and the best success rates in extreme weather conditions. 

MIGLOOR monoblock heat pumps can provide heating/cooling and domestic hot water. Domestic hot water is supplied from the tank connected to the heat pump. With the use of underfloor heating/cooling or fan coil and radiators, we achieve space heating and cooling.

MIGLOOR provides the monoblock system with circulation pump and electric resistance incorporated in the indoor unit. The installer connects the heat pump with other parts, provided by him, including the buffer tank or hydraulic needle (for space heating/cooling), the storage tank (for domestic hot water) and the water pumps (for circulation of space heating/cooling water and domestic hot water).

Additional accessories are also required, such as the safety valve, water filling valve, hot water valves (three-way valve), expansion tank and sludge filter; you can also install an additional electrical resistance in the DHW tank that can receive the control signal from the heat pump.

As a source of energy supply for the equipment, the system can be connected to a photovoltaic panel installation, thus optimizing energy savings.


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