About us

Our Company

We are a professional European manufacturer and supplier of sophisticated heat pumps, fan coil units, inverters and solar panels, with a variety of high-tech environmental control and energy saving systems.

ICYBAY aims to manage energy efficiency in a smart grid environment, offering a comprehensive service of AEROTHERMAL, SOLAR PV ENERGY, ENERGY STORAGE and CHARGING STATION.

Our Experts

Icybay has a solid technical team for the design and installation of projects in Spain and Portugal and has signed important cooperation agreements with several companies

Our experts will make your budget without commitment to offer you the best solutions according to your needs.

Let yourself be advised by our experts in solar energy


At ICYBAY STORE, you will find a large selection of photovoltaic products at the best price for installation companies. 

In our store you will find aerothermal equipment, solar panels, solar batteries, inverters with the latest market requirements and that will allow you to create the solar installation you need for your habitual residence or company.


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